Adult Birthday Party Games

luau limbo

Limbo? Bad Back. Wii? What's a Wii? Come on Grampa, its time to find some fun adult birthday games for you!

Even adult birthday parties need a little action to keep from being clunkers. There are many options out there for every taste, so even if you are a little bit of a wall flower, or worse, a fuddy duddy, it is time to look at some adult birthday games.

Adult Party Games for the Active Adult, Sports Fan, Weekend Warrior

Adult Party Games

Thanks to the Wii and other similar sports games, you can play bowling, tennis and yes, even hockey right in your front room. Team up or play as singles in fierce competitions, and you will be working up a sweat and laughing years off your life with some of the best adult birthday games ever. Ssh, don't tell Joe that he is actually exercising!

Adult Party Games for the Closet Rocker, Metal Head or Beatle Baby

adult rockband

Playing Rock Star for the game console of your choice can be a fun way to relive some of your youth. Choose the genre that suits your tastes the best and then rock out.

Birthday Party Games for Adults - Dance, Dance Baby

adult ddr

Finally, there is the Dance, Dance Revolution game for home use. Push the furniture back and take turns trying to keep up with all of the steps with this fast paced, arcade favorite for home use. Just because you are an adult does not mean that you have to act like one all of the time.

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