Black and White Party

Black and White Party

A black and white party dates back to the author Truman Capote, who in 1966 held a black and white ball, where every object at the party and the dress attire had to be in black and white.

A black and white theme party is often held as a sleek and elegant gathering for friends and co-workers, and there are a number of ways a person can hold such an event with the right black and white party supplies and decorations.

Black and White Invitations

Black and White Party The first things to purchase for a black and white themed party are the invitations. The party organizer should advertise about the black and white theme party by sending out invitations that are colored in black and white. The invitation needs to explicitly state this is a theme party and that only attire that is black and white is allowed. The party organizer also has to stress whether or not this attire is casual or formal. For example, a black and white themed party may have casual clothing, such as white t-shirt and black pants for men. But, for more formal attire, the party organizer may mandate that where something like black pants, black button down shirt, and a white tie for men. If the party organizer wants more clothing options for guests, it should be noted that the first black and white theme party held by Truman Capote also included people where black and white costumes or black and white masks if they wanted to.
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Black and White Decorations

Black and White Party The next part to this process after all party invitations have been sent out is to purchase black and white party decorations to set up across the party space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy explicitly black and white party supplies and black and white party decorations. Black and white balloons, candles, blankets, napkins, dinner and appetizer plates, and cutlery are good ways to have black and white decorations. Decorative items like black and white swans adorned across the party space may also highlight the event for everyone. To add in some flair, a disco ball can be hung from the ceiling to shine some white light across the party space.
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Black and White Theme Party Food

Black and White Party The hardest part is having food that is themed toward the party. Desserts are typically easy, since the party organizers can bake chocolate cakes with vanilla frosting or ice cream for example. However, appetizers or entrees are another matter. For drinks, the easiest choices can be white wine for alcohol drinkers and soda for any non-alcoholic drinkers. Appetizers can include cheese dips, but the cheese dips must be a cheese like mozzarella so it appears white, with black tortilla chips. Entrees can include pasta with a white wine sauce, chicken with black bean dipping sauces, char-grilled fish with mashed potatoes, and a white pizza topped with olives.
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Black and White Game Ideas

If entertainment is required, there is a black and white trivia game to play concerning the history and cultural trends of black and white parties. Questions can be centered on Truman Capote and details about the party can be part of the trivia session. Other questions may involve the latest trends in black and white parties. Many parties are held by A-list celebrities or for political causes. Having trivia centered on that could help liven up the party.
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A black and white party should be a fun filled event where friends and co-workers can dress up and show off their fashion styles and enjoy a themed party together. Original ideas and classic set ups since Truman Capote are available for any party organizer to follow with.

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Black and White Party

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