Teen Party Themes

Finding the right theme for a teen can be hard, but worth the effort.

Teen party themes are a challenge; however, if you incorporate some of their favorite activities and some of the best tried and true favorites you will hit on a winning combination that will thrill teens whether they are boys or girls.

Teenage Slumber Parties

Teenage Slumber Parties

Best if they are kept fairly small but with an even number of participants, the teenage slumber party is still a great way to host a party that the kids will enjoy but won't cost an arm and a leg. Pizza, popcorn and sodas are on the menu and an all night movie marathon can serve as the entertainment. If scary movies are on the bill for the night, you might find yourself invited to join in the fun.

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Teen Murder Mystery Party

Teen Murder Mystery Party

Look at the number of mystery and drama shows that are popular on television and you will see why the teen murder mystery party is a great idea. Act out a staged murder and then let the unsuspecting guests figure out the crime from the clues they can get from the scene.

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Teen Pool Party Ideas

Teen Pool Party

Before a teen pool party gets under way, make sure that everyone knows the safety rules. Let everyone know that you will be dropping in from time to time to make sure that all is safe. Make sure that all of the parents know this will be a pool party for additional safety and keep the guest list reasonably small.

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Teen Spa Party Ideas

Teen Spa Party

What better way to show new found adult hood than to have a more adult themed party. If you live near a day spa, take your daughter and one special friend for a spa day, if not then have a teen spa party at your home where the girls can give each other facials, manicures and pedicures.

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Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party Games and Ideas

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