1st Birthday Gift Ideas

1st Birthday Gift Idea

Tips For Baby's First Birthday Gift that will last a lifetime. 

A baby's first birthday only happens once in his whole life and the gift that you give him must be equally special and unique. Whether you are buying a gift for you own bouncing bundle of joy or for a special loved one, the gift should be as precious as the baby himself.

Unique First Birthday Gifts

1st Birthday Gift Idea

Anything that you buy for your baby should be sentimental and something that will make them feel warm and loved when they are older. One of the most beautiful choices in this category is a personalized baby blanket that they will surely carry around as they move from babyhood to toddler hood.

Add your baby's name and birth date for an even more special touch. If they have a special blankie already that is looking a little ratty, you can have it sent in and made into a bear that takes a cherished keepsake and makes it into a cherished toy instead.

1st Birthday Gift Ideas - First Birthday Keepsakes

1st keepsake box

Of course, it goes without saying that there should be plenty of pictures to mark this occasion, and what better way to do that than by handing out disposable cameras as the guests enter the party?

For an extra special touch, opt for the cameras that have preprinted borders on them. Select party favors that include the birth date and the baby's birth information as well.

If you would like, include the new height and weight information on these first birthday keepsakes so that the guests may all marvel at how much baby has grown in just one year's time.

1st Birthday Gift Ideas - First Birthday Toys

While all toys for this age group need to be rated for their own safety, there are a number of great and fun choices.

Many of the babies in this group are learning to walk, and some are already old hands at it, so any toy that can be pushed and walked behind is a big bonus. Ride-on toys are also a great joy for them. Toys that are educational as well as fun are a bonus too.

1st Birthday Gift Idea

Look for musical toys that feature lights and other sound effects to capture a baby's attention and stimulate their brain to its full potential. All babies love faces, and dolls that have big expressions will capture their wonder. Look for light up baby faces that soothe them as they fall into blissful sleep.

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