Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

When it comes to birthdays, a Sweet Sixteen is a cause for celebration!

If a special young lady in your life is coming of age, why not mark the occasion with a sweet 16 birthday party? In addition to decorations, party games, and the party menu, you'll also want to include a special sweet 16 birthday cake as part of the festivities.

sweet 16 birthday cakes

If you're at a loss about which confectionary treat to make, here are a few fantastic ideas for sweet 16 birthday cakes that are sure to delight even the pickiest teen:

Themed Sweet Sixteen Cakes

sweet 16 birthday cakes

sweet 16 birthday cakes
sweet 16 birthday cakes

If you're planning a Hawaiian luau or beach bash celebration, follow through with an elaborate beach scene cake complete with tinted sugar sand, aqua-blue gel icing waves, and pressed sugar fish, sea stars, and beach balls.

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Novelty Sweet Sixteen Cakes

sweet 16 birthday cakes
sweet 16 birthday cakes
sweet 16 birthday cakes

Embrace her personality with a cake shaped like a shoe, shopping bag, or cell phone. While a specialty bakery will be happy to fulfill your novelty cake request, you can try your hand at baking these fun cakes yourself by using novelty cake pans or by cutting and piecing together sheet cakes.

Princess Sweet Sixteen Cakes

If your teen is a princess at heart, treat her to an elaborate tiered cake iced with smooth fondant and adorned with edible pears and dragees.

Photo Sweet Sixteen Cakes

Take a walk down memory lane with a photo birthday cake decorated with a baby picture, summer camp snapshot, or Halloween photo of the guest of honor. Chances are you won't be able to pull this cake off at home-instead, order through your local bakery.

Non-Traditional Sweet Sixteen Cakes

Instead of choosing a traditional iced cake, your teen may opt for a "grown-up" birthday dessert, such as tiramisu, fruit and yogurt parfait, or cheesecake. (Be sure to have a small sheet cake on hand so you can keep with the candle-blowing tradition.)

sweet 16 birthday cakes

Have fun celebrating this milestone birthday for the special young lady in your life with a sweet 16 birthday cake that is sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

sweet 16 birthday cakes

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sweet 16 birthday cakes
sweet 16 birthday cakes

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