Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Treasure Hunt Party: Looking for Lots of Fun

A scavenger hunt birthday party can be one of the most fun things your child or teen has ever had. Even if the kids never leave the backyard, they will have the time of their lives following clues to hidden treasure. If you have gotten bored with all of the other birthday party ideas, this one might be exactly what you were

Planning for a Scavenger Hunt Party

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party First, decide if you are going to send the guests outside of your home or yard area (For safety, this should only be considered for older teens)
Next, choose what the scavenged items will be. (Out of consideration consider warning the neighbors if there will be groups of giggling teens at their doors that day.)
Third, choose the gift for the first team back with the full list and a booby prize for the last team.

Food and Drink for a Scavenger and Treasure Hunt Party (all ages)

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Borrow from the pirate theme and serve:

  • Scurvy Dogs (hot dogs with all of the fixings)
  • Jack Sparrow Wings (chicken wings)
  • Grog and Ale (soft drinks or punch served in steins or plastic goblets.)

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Scavenger Hunt Games

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party For the younger children who should stay in one place hide a treasure in the back yard (bury it if you feel ambitious). Draw a simple map or give cards with simple to solve riddles for clues. The treasure should be something that the entire party crowd would enjoy once they find the item.
The main activity will be the scavenger hunt game itself, so it should be saved for midway through the party. Other games could be played and should follow the same pirate inspired scavenger or treasure hunt theme. Ideas include Pin the Parrot on the Pirate and Shiver Me Timbers. (kids take turns trying to tell scary stories, stopping part way through, turning to another guest and saying