Birthday Party Games for Kids

Birthday Party Games for Kids

I Spy with My little Eye, the Best Kids Birthday Party Games Ever! Laser Tag, anyone?

From the simple to the sublime, birthday party games for kids serve several purposes: they keep the party from lapsing into all out chaos, it keeps the kids busy until it is time to open presents, eat cake or go home and it allows them to burn off some of the sugar they just ingested. The best birthday parties feature well organized and well planned out games that flow from one to the next. Some of the following can be interchanged from one sex to the next with or without modifications.

Girl Birthday Party Games

Birthday Party Games for Kids

Depending on the age of the girl, some of the best girl birthday party games will involve make up.

For instance: divide the girls up into groups of two or three, depending on the size of the party. Give each group a box of old clothing, make up and assorted accessories and then give them an envelope with a pre-selected word in it. The girls will then have a time limit to use the items in the box to turn one of their team mates into the best representation of the word in the envelope. The other team must then take guesses on what the team has created.

Other games include: pin the tiara on the princess, three-legged races and other classic games. If you are using a theme for your party, try to incorporate that theme into as many of the games as possible.

Boy Birthday Party Games

Birthday Party Games for Kids

If you are near a laser tag facility, you can use that not only for one of the games of the party, but the theme and location of the party as well. Other suggestions can include volley ball or badminton in the yard if the weather is nice.

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