1st Birthday Cakes

Choosing the right first birthday cake that is at least almost as sweet and adorable as the baby himself

1st birthday cakes

Whether you are having a party of the immediate family only or a large group of people, one of the centerpieces of the event will be the birthday cake. Make sure that you have one that is as special as this occasion and consider having an additional cake for the traditional baby face in the cake and the subsequent photo ops that follow.

First Birthday Cake Designs

1st birthday carousel

The birthday cake designs for a first birthday cake are pretty much a wide open field. Baby will probably not have expressed interests that should dictate the way the cake looks. One suggestion for first birthday cake designs however is to follow the decorating theme of baby's nursery.

Bright and colorful cartoon favorites are another good suggestion for the cake. Make sure that the cake you have is large enough to serve everyone.

1st Birthday Cakes - First Birthday Cake Recipes

The type of cake that you use for the first birthday should reflect the tastes and needs of the family and honored guests. If there is any chance that baby has food allergies to flour, eggs or other cake ingredients, then consider using alternatives for the first birthday cake recipes.

However, if no food allergies are suspected, then use a family favorite for the cake. This may not be the time to try out a new cake recipe however.

First Birthday Cupcake

1st monkey cupcake

Instead of having cake, some families may opt for having cupcakes which can give everyone a choice of the flavor that they have as well as letting each person have a uniquely decorated cake of their own.

A baby should have his or her own cupcake to eat, a special tradition that is time honored and sure to give a lot of great memories as everyone snaps pictures of baby merrily eating their very own little cake.

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