Hannah Montana Birthday Party

Hannah Montana Birthday Party - Party in the Best of Both Worlds

Be a rock star Mom without having to do rock star work with the Hannah Montana party your tween girl will flip her Hannah wig for.

Hannah Montana Birthday Ideas

hannah montana decor

Girls birthday parties should reflect what they are interested in at that moment in their lives. For instance, if you are celebrating a birthday for girls ages 6-13, you might be about to plan a Hannah Montana birthday party.

The rocking alter ego of Miley Cyrus is a big hit with the age group and is a very good choice for a tween birthday party theme. If you are ready to get started with the planning, then let's plan a Hannah Montana party.

Hannah Montana Party Supplies

hannah montana supplies

Before anyone asks, you cannot swing a piñata in any store in this country without hitting some item emblazoned with the smiling face of Hannah Montana. (Miley Cyrus even has her own line of clothing now). She's in every aisle of every store. Make sure that you get the typical party supplies - plates, cups and napkins but consider adding in tablecloths and other items to complete the look as well.

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Hannah Montana Party Games and Activities

hannah game

If you have never seen the hit show, the movies or the DVDs, or spoke to a tween girl, you might not know the premise. Hannah is the alter ego of a little girl named Miley (played by Miley Cyrus, of course). Hannah is a famous rock star; Miley is just an average teen. Games could include your own version of double life charades.

Have each child come up with two very different occupations or lifestyles and then act out the two halves. Once both parts are figured out, the child sits down. Last one standing is the winner. Other choices could include a Hannah look-alike contest.

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Hannah Montana Party Favors

hannah favor

Each child should take home a treat bag with Hannah Montana lip gloss, earrings, hair bows, jewelry, etc.

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