Milestone Birthday Ideas

While all birthdays are special, milestone birthdays are cause for extra celebration. If you know someone who's approaching their 18th or 21st birthday, or rounding the bend on a "Big O" birthday, here are a few birthday party planning ideas

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  • 18th birthday ideas : Gather your teen's friends at the local mall for a scavenger hunt. Follow with pizza and cake at home, or treat the gang to a movie, laser tag excursion, or a round of makeovers or pedicures.
  • 21st birthday ideas : Break away from the traditional night of bar-hopping by celebrating at a wine tasting instead. Or, opt for a quiet celebration at home with birthday cheesecake and ice cream, fresh fruit, crème brulee, or chocolate mousse, served with a bottle of Canadian Ice White.
  • 30th birthday ideas: Celebrate the arrival of a new decade by hosting a surprise party for the guest of honor. Keep the celebration family-friendly so little ones can enjoy the fun, too.
  • 40th birthday ideas : Host an Over the Hill celebration, complete with black armbands, grim reaper decorations, and a tombstone cake topped with a vulture.
  • 50th birthday ideas: Throw a Fabulous 50s Party or sock-hop, complete with a diner-style party menu of burgers and fries, birthday cake, and a sundae bar.
  • 60th birthday ideas: With retirement on the horizon, give the guest of honor a sample of the travels to come by throwing a Hawaiian Luau celebration. Treat the guests to leis and grass skirts, and perfect your Mai Tai pour.
  • 70th birthday ideas: Pay homage to the celebrant with a dinner party, complete with a This is Your Life presentation.
  • 80th birthday ideas: Honor the octogenarian with a birthday luncheon. Decorate in a Roaring 20s motif, and post trivia and fun facts from that nostalgic decade. Have a poster or card on hand so guests can share a special memory of the guest of honor.
  • 90th birthday ideas: Host a birthday brunch, complete with fresh flowers, streamers, and balloons. Present the guest of honor with a scrapbook of family photos and personalized cards.
  • 100th birthday ideas: For a 100th birthday celebration, mark the occasion with a birthday breakfast. Present the guest of honor with 100 balloons or 100 flowers, and make a donation to a local charity in his or her honor.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate a milestone birthday, the guest of honor will be touched by your efforts. Enjoy sharing each new decade with the special person in your life.

Do you have a picture and story about your favorite milestone birthday or an interesting idea for a milestone party? Share it with us!!

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