Candy Party - What A Sweet Idea!

Are you looking for inspiration for a creative party theme? Here is a sweet idea: a candy party!

What could be better than a candy themed party for a slumber party, birthday celebration, sweet sixteen party, or even a get-together with family and friends?

candy party

Candy parties are suitable for children, teens, and adults. And they are as much fun to plan as they are to attend. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Candy Themed Invitations

candy party invitations
candy party invitations
candy party invitations

Invite guests to the party with candy themed invitations. Make a lollipop invitation out of scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a lollipop stick. Or let candy bars, chocolates, gumball machines, and peppermint sticks inspire you to make different handcrafted invitations. And with the number of commercially-produced party invitations available today, you can always find something online or at a card shop.

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Candy Party Decorations

Decorations for candy parties are fun and easy to set up. Start with a table for a candy buffet.

Purchase bulk candy online or at a sweet shop, and display them in glass jars and bowls. Use serving spoons or punch ladles as candy scoops.

For additional decorations, create lollipop topiaries out of Dum Dum Pops and suckers.

Use candy necklaces for garland, and wrap poles and pipes with red ribbon to resemble peppermint sticks. Giant lollipops and gumball machines add a nostalgic touch.

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candy party topiary

Candy Party Games

candy party games

"Candy Land" is the perfect choice for a candy themed party. The classic game from Hasbro was designed for young children, but teenagers and adults will enjoy the game for its nostalgic charm. Choose from the classic edition, deluxe edition, or "sweet celebration" edition.

Charades is another game idea for candy parties. Just make sure all the cards are names of candy bars. Or fill a jar with small candies, like gumballs or jellybeans, and offer a prize for guessing the correct amount.

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Candy Themed Party Music

When people think of candy, they typically think of childhood. And with Candy Land's retro charm, the music for a candy party is easy. Choose favorite songs from the past, or use songs with the word candy in the title. Here are some examples:

  • Candy Girl - Babybird
  • I Want Candy - BOW WOW WOW
  • Candy Everybody Wants - 10,000 Maniacs
  • Hard Rock Candy Christmas - Dolly Parton
  • Hard Candy - Counting Crows
  • Candy - Mandy Moore
  • Candy - Will Smith
  • Candy Shop - 50 Cent
  • Candy's Room - Bruce Springsteen
  • Some Candy Talking - Jesus and Mary Chain
  • The Candy Man - Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • Candy Rain - Soul For Real
  • Candy - Cameo
  • Candy - Ash
  • I Want Candy - Strangeloves
  • Candy Girl - New Edition

Candy Themed Party Menu

candy party buffet
candy party food
candy party buffet

Party guests will have all the sugar they could want, so the party menu should lean toward healthier fare. Finger foods are best for a candy party. Homemade finger sandwiches or pizza rolls, crackers and cheese, snack mixes, vegetable trays, and fruit kabobs are a few possibilities.

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Candy Themed Cakes

candy party cake

No party is complete without the cake, or at least some kind of dessert. At a candy party, you can offer the candy buffet in lieu of a cake. Or serve traditional cake and ice cream, and let party guests decorate their desserts with candy sprinkles.

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Candy Party Favors

candy party favors
candy party favors
candy party favors

Be sure to send your guests home with a sweet treat. They can even help with the party favors. Provide goodie bags for the guests, and let them fill the bags with sweets: gumballs, gumdrops, M&Ms, and Starburst candies. For a whimsical touch, provide a toothbrush for each guest!

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