Tony Hawk Birthday Party

Tony Hawk Birthday Party - Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam: Shredding Party for Little Shredders

tony pinata

If you do not know who Tony Hawk is or any of the lingo associated with his extreme sports tour- you might be a little lost right now. But if your shredder thinks that extreme is the best in birthday party ideas and would like to have an extreme birthday- you might want to hang tight and check it out, (man).

Hosting a Tony Hawk Birthday Party

tony supplies
tony supplies

First, understand what you are planning when you agree to this! Among all teen birthday party ideas, this is the one that could end up with the most injuries to brag about at the end of the day. (At least since that Pin the Tail on the Donkey tragedy back in 2005)

Plan to be upfront with the other parents about what might be happening- especially if you have a makeshift skate park in your yard or plan to visit a real one during the course of this party.

Decorating and Tony Hawk Party Supplies

tony decor

All party décor should be extreme- look at the logos and skateboard clothing that your kids are wearing for ideas. Stick with black, red and monster green for the colors. If you find anything Tony Hawk- it will be perfect. Mini skateboards can be scattered on the table and among the food.

Games and Activities

Games and Activities

All games will probably end up being extreme as the kids try to outdo one another. If you are worried about injuries, steer them inside and encourage them to play the Tony Hawk video games.

Skateboarding Games

If they absolutely have to, make sure that the kids all wear safety equipment and stop the event if it looks like they are becoming too competitive for their own good.

Skateboard Birthday Cake

Skateboard Birthday Cake

Easy cake idea. Make a 13x9 inch cake and then cut the sides slightly to make a skateboard shape. Take the cut off pieces of cake and cut them to a rectangle that is slightly shorter than the width of the cake. Attach a donut to each end of the rectangle and then attach to the bottom of the board as wheels. Repeat for the back half.

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