17th Birthday Party Ideas

Finding the right party idea for your almost adult child, even if they are still your precious baby inside.

For many teens this is the last full year before they go off to college, the military or out into the world to look for work. Make sure that this is a great birthday for them and for you as you celebrate the end of childhood, whether you are ready for it or not.

17th birthday party ideas balloon
17th birthday party ideas balloon

17th Birthday

17th birthday party ideas cupcake

It might be time to let your teen take the lead on this one and organize and plan their own birthday party. Lend a hand if they need you to and make sure that you have final approval of all plans, however leave the guest list, menu and other details up to them and see how well they do.

Tell your teen that you have a budget of X amount of money and if they want to go over that amount they must pay the extra themselves. Of course, many teens are too busy with school, dates and jobs to worry about a party, so they may opt to have pizza with friends and call it an evening.

17th Birthday Gifts

17th birthday party ideas gift card

Many teens are driving by this age and their cars may need frequent repairs or cosmetic upgrades. If this is the case then either give money to put toward those expenses or car related items are great as 17th birthday gifts. For the non driver, any item that appeals to a favorite sport or hobby is always a good idea, as is gift certificates to a favorite retailer or online store.

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