Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Many young girls like Hello Kitty, and would be quite happy with a themed Hello Kitty birthday party.

In order to make this a special event, here are some ideas about what Hello Kitty party supplies to get, types of Hello Kitty birthday cake to have, and what Hello Kitty party games to play!

Hello Kitty Party Supplies

  • Invitations
  • Thank You notes (for guests who come and/or send gifts)
  • Party favors or gift bags
  • Decorations - table cloth, balloons, streamers
  • Tableware - plates, bowls, cups, napkins, even pink plastic forks!
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Hello Kitty birthday cake - online sources have a molded pan in the shape of Hello Kitty's face, so that it is unique from the regular square or circle cakes. There are also cake toppers such as molded candles in the shape of Hello Kitty.
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Hello Kitty party supplies kit - many of these items come in a kit, which can save a bit of money on buying everything individually.

Birthday Party Supplies

Hello Kitty Party Games

  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Pin The Bow On Kitty - much like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey. Players are blindfolded, turn around a few times, and are directed towards a poster with a picture of Hello Kitty and they try to place the bow on her head.
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Pass The Kitty - much like musical chairs. A Hello Kitty toy or doll is passed between players while music is played, and whoever is holding the toy when the music stops is out. The last player left in the circle wins!
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Piñatas - A piñata shaped in some sort of Hello Kitty way is filled with candy. One player at a time is blindfolded and takes a whack at the piñata with a large stick, until the piñata breaks and players can gather up candy.
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Hello Kitty bingo - Make cards with the traditional style, but use the colors of pink, blue and white, and MEOW as the word to cross out.

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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Schedule Plan

  • Mail out the invitations 2 to 3 weeks before the day of the party.
  • Bake and decorate Hello Kitty birthday cake not more than 3 days prior to the party, and keep in the refrigerator.
  • The night before, or morning of (whichever gives most time), decorate the main party room.
  • Play a few games.
  • Have the Guest of Honor open her gifts.
  • Eat cake (and ice cream!)
  • Give favors, or small gift boxes or bags to each guest as they leave. Alternatively, this can be turned into one of the games, and guests find their hidden bag (one bag per guest) somewhere in the room.
  • Send Thank You notes to each person who came to the party or who sent presents, no later than one week after the party day.