My first Quinceanera Party

	My first Quinceanera Party


Last year I attended a party which was so special. It was a birthday party of my friend’s sister who turned 15 years old. I was quite unaware of the name of the party called ‘Quinceanera ‘. I initially hesitated to ask about the party name but I could not suppress my desire.

Later I learned that as she turned fifteen years the party is called quinceanera. It is originated from the Latin word ‘quince’ which means fifteen and ‘anera’ which means year. The event is marked to know that the girl has achieved the motherhood quality. The quinceanera girl is well dressed in such a way that it depicts the maturity and coming of age of the girl.

A quinceanera party is something very different and unique in my experience. My friend’s sister was dressed in a glamorous and fascinating dress of pink and white colors. The ornaments were very nice; of course these were made of gold. The dress and jewelery were offered by her family.

Before the party I went to their house and I saw a group of old ladies sharing stories and laughing with the birthday girl. The girl was looking happy and calm.

After the cake cutting ceremony, a musical program was organized. The gate and the reception room were so nicely decorated and arranged. Everyone that was in attendance offered lots of wishes and gifted different items. I offered a nice ‘salwar’ suit.

There were many other activities like last toy gifting, dance with the quinceanera girl and giving advice to her as she enters womanhood. Overall the birthday celebration was a grand success and joyful moment for all and I really enjoyed my first quinceanera party.

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