Quinceanera Dresses

A Quinceanera is an exciting moment in a young girl's life. Quinceanera dresses are essential parts of the custom and celebration.

Quinceanera Crown

The gown a girl wears to the event may be passed down from generation to generation, or it may be purchased new to reflect the girl's personal tastes.

For many girls, wearing the perfect dress is as important as the occasion. Choosing a dress that stands out requires very little effort.

The Quinceanera festivity is the social introduction of a girl entering into womanhood. It is a milestone that may be remembered for years to come. When it comes to choosing the perfect dress for a Quinceanera, the young lady's personality, style and physical appearance should be considered.

Traditionally, a Quinceanera gown is pink; however, modern options come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles.

Quinceanera Dresses

The basic facets of Quinceanera dresses include:

  • elegant detailing

  • embellishments on the bodice

  • open necklines

  • floor-length skirts

  • full, ball gown shapes

A gown that flatters the figure rather than highlights flaws is ideal. A-line shapes complement nearly any body type. Girls with fuller figures may look best in dresses that have empire waists. Thinner bodies can be accentuated with lots of material such as flouncing or pleating on the skirt. The best dresses for pear-shaped figures are those that have longer bodices with eye-catching details.

Some Quinceanera dresses are designed to be playful and feminine, while others may be more grown up and alluring. A young lady who wants to delicately show her mature side may opt for a strapless or spaghetti-strap bodice. More modest girls can choose from scoop, v-shaped or sweetheart necklines. Girls with larger chests may prefer sleeved dresses, and smaller girls may want open-shoulder designs.

Unique gown styles that flatter anyone include:

Quinceanera Dresses Pink
  • straight necklines

  • shimmering or beaded bodices

  • corset-style bodices

  • ruffled or layered skirts

  • detailing on the back

  • piping at the waist
Quinceanera Dresses

Colors and fabrics should be considered as well when choosing Quinceanera dresses. While pink may be the time-honored color choice, there are other hues that are appropriate.

Pastels follow the tradition of Quinceanera, but lighter-skinned girls can look washed out in these shades and should stick with medium tones. Dark-skinned girls look best in bold or muted jewel tones.

The best way to make a Quinceanera party dress stand out is to choose a color that contrasts with the eyes or hair. This will accentuate these features and make the dress color pop.

A dress that has some sparkle to it will stand out as well. In addition to choosing the right color, the various fabric options should be considered. Matte materials hide flaws well, while shiny fabrics showcase the curves of the body.

The fabrics that are best for Quinceanera gowns are:

  • taffeta

  • chiffon

  • satin

  • silk

  • rayon

  • lace
Quinceanera Feathers Dresses

The guest of honor at any Quinceanera celebration will want to stand out from the crowd. Her gown should reflect her personality as well as represent her as a maturing young lady.

A girl who wants to focus on the glamour of the day can do so by choosing a sophisticated, fun, memorable gown. Quinceanera dresses are major parts of the celebration, and they should be as remarkable as the young girl being honored.

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