Quinceanera Hairstyles

You've been looking forward to your Quinceanera since you can remember, and you'll remember your special day all your life.

You want your hair to be perfect - you want to feel like a movie star! There are all kinds of glamorous styles you can replicate at home or even at your favorite salon. Here some of the most beautiful Quinceanera hairstyles, and some tips on how you might be able to create these looks yourself.

Long Hairstyle (Hair All Worn Down)

Quinceanera Hairstyles
Quinceanera Hairstyles

For a really charming look, try making a deep part and pinning one side of your hair back. Tease the back of your hair by lifting your hair up and teasing the strands down towards your scalp with a comb to make a type of nest.

Gently brush down over the top of this "nest", so that the top of your hair looks smooth and shiny. Now make big, luscious curls all around your head with a curling iron or a straight iron.

You can make fantastic curls using a straight iron very easily - just lightly clamp the root of the hair, turn your wrist 90 degrees, and pull your hair towards the ceiling very slowly, turning your wrist as you go.

This takes some practice but results in an effortless-looking, big glamorous curl. Finish off this look with a pair of fabulous earrings.

Long Hairstyle with Curls


Quinceanera Updo Hairstyles
Quinceanera Updo Hairstyles
Quinceanera Updo Hairstyles

Another look which is great if you worry about feeling hot in your dress is a pinned up up-do. This is easy to do, but takes time. If your elbows get tired, try leaning them against a wall, or ask a friend to help.

All you do is curl long strands of your hair into loose messy buns, and then pin them underneath the hair so you cannot see the pins. To make the bobby pins secure, try pinning one on top of the other in an "X" formation. This way they will not slip out of the hair.

Updo Casual or Formal Hairstyles


A ponytail can also be one of the most glamorous of Quinceanera hairstyles. It looks very sleek and chic. Most of the other girls will definitely be wearing their hair down with curls or braids, but if you wear your hair up in a ponytail you'll really stand out, especially in pictures, and this is a great way to show off a beautiful neckline or necklace.

Tease your hair, especially on top and in the back, so you have an attractive "bump" above the ponytail. Try making the ponytail with a twist at the base, or a few braids at the base for beautiful detail.

You should also disguise the band with a wrap of shiny hair or a ribbon. Decorate your hair with a few flowers or barrettes.

Quinceanera Ponytails Hairstyles

Easy Ponytail Style

Messy Bun

Another great look which is easy to do and looks very classic is a big, messy bun. Tease your hair so it has lots of volume. Use plenty of products on the underside of your hair so that it will have plenty of "grip." Try to avoid putting product on the upper part of your hair because this can result in a greasy look.

When you catch your hair into a bun, make it fluffy and full, and twist a few strands of hair around the ponytail band to disguise it. Leave a few extra strands hanging down around your neck and side of your forehead. Curl them lightly to finish, and mist all over with hairspray for hold.

Quinceanera Messy Bun Hairstyles


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