Halloween Birthday Party

People born around Halloween have two choices, combine the two celebrations into a Halloween birthday party or likely have their birthday overshadowed by Halloween festivities.

Combining the two allows the birthday guest of honor the fun of having a costume party for his or her birthday. There is also the fact that a horror theme allows for a lot of games, entertainment, creative food, decorations and maybe even a trick-or-treating expedition.

halloween birthday party

Halloween Birthday Invitations

halloween birthday party
halloween birthday party

For invitations to a Halloween birthday party, there are several options. If you are going to hand them out, you can be a bit more creative.

  • Make personalized Halloween cupcakes. Write the date and time of the party in frosting on a Halloween themed cupcake and hand them out to your guests.

  • For adult or teen parties, purchase Halloween gag props, such as severed hands and skulls, at an inexpensive Halloween store or dollar store. Write the date and time of the party, as well as an R.S.V.P. phone number on the props in permanent marker and hand them out as invitations.

For mailed invitations, it is a little harder to be creative. However, there are a few things you can do to run-of-the-mill invitations to make them stand out.

  • Use imitation spider web to cover the invitations before placing them in the envelopes.

  • Write out the invitations, including addresses and return addresses on the envelopes, in blood red ink.

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Halloween Birthday Food

Halloween birthday parties should have Halloween themed food, especially Halloween birthday cakes. The rest of the food, such as cupcakes, chips and dips, can have Halloween colors to fit the party, but the cake should be an all out Halloween masterpiece. The guest of honor should go with any Halloween image they enjoy. Here are a few ideas:

halloween birthday party food
halloween birthday party food
halloween birthday party food
  • Build a haunted castle cake. All this takes is sheet cake cut into building blocks with frosting as mortar. The bigger the blocks, the more likely the cake will stay together. Do the decorating in a cool room and freeze the cake before assembly. Add ghosts and bats using Halloween candies.

  • Make dirt cake, instead of sheet cake. Assemble the cake as per recipe, but instead of gummy worms, use chewable Halloween candies, such as candy corn. Alternatively, you can make edible severed limbs and have them come out of the dirt.

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Homemade Halloween Cupcakes

halloween birthday party

Decorating for a Halloween birthday party should be easy, given the amount of decorations for sale around the holiday. Coming up with entertainment is relatively easy as well.

halloween birthday party

You can bob for apples, pin the bolts on Frankenstein, tell scary stories, go trick-or-treating, watch horror movies, etc. Make sure you plan around how much of a mess you want to clean up, though. Halloween birthdays parties can get messy with all of the ghouls running around.

halloween birthday party

Halloween Themed Birthday Invitations

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