Halloween Birthday Cakes

halloween birthday cakes

When it comes to Halloween Birthday cakes, there are many amazing, delicious ideas.

halloween birthday cakes

A Halloween themed birthday cake combines the celebration of a birthday with the festivity of Halloween. Other times of the year birthday cakes might be subjected to traditional themes.

halloween birthday cakes

On the other hand, a Halloween cake allows the creativity of the spirit of the season stand out. Halloween is a popular time to have theme parties and desserts.

Ideas for Homemade Halloween Birthday Cakes

Graveyard Cake

halloween birthday cakes

One idea for a Halloween birthday cake is a graveyard cake. This cake is as creepy as it is delicious. It is so easy to make. Using a spice or red velvet cake mix, bake in a sheet pan according to directions. Make a simple chocolate glaze for the frosting. When the cake is cool, pour the glaze over the cake and top with shortbread cookies to resemble tombstones. Then decorate the cookies with the abbreviation RIP or individual names of the guests.

Spider Cake

halloween birthday cakes

A cake with a classic spider web on top is fun and easy and is sure to delight everyone. Use a 9-inch round cake pan and any flavor cake mix, bake and cool thoroughly. Place on serving dish or cake board. Then frost cake using one to two tubs of butter cream frosting. Take one tube of black gel frosting make circles or rings in the center of the cake. Draw through the gel using a toothpick from end to end starting from the center out toward the edges then alternating directions forming a web.

Traditional Halloween Cakes

halloween birthday cakes

If a more traditional birthday cake for a Halloween celebration is preferred, this cake is simply perfect for the occasion. Make a double-layer cake using any flavor. The frosting could be a Halloween color or vanilla. Just decorate for a birthday but use Halloween colors such as black, brown, yellow and orange.

Black and orange look terrific together for this cake. The cake decorations can consist of a more traditional birthday theme. Decorations might consist of roses and vines or change it up using any Halloween candy to keep the Halloween theme alive. Anything goes use your imagination it is Halloween.

halloween birthday cakes
halloween birthday cakes
halloween birthday cakes

Do not forget the glorious option that one can also purchase their Halloween birthday cakes. Many talented bakeries' create cakes just as scary and scrumptious as the ones made at home.

Ideas for Halloween Cakes from a Bakery

  • A Grim Reaper makes an excellent milestone birthday cake.

  • A Jack O'Lantern birthday cake that has different sets of mix and match eyes and mouths, which can create several, different faces that will fascinate younger children.

  • Edible images pumpkin patch cake is sure to impress children of all ages

  • A giant cupcake cake all decorated in a Halloween theme will amaze everyone

Scary symbols like spiders, graveyards, bats and tombstones will make your Halloween celebration the talk of the town, especially when they are dessert. Whether, one chooses to make a Halloween cake at home, or purchase one from a bakery, the cake can be as simple or as sophisticated as one wants. What could be better than going to a celebration with Halloween Birthday cakes dressed up for the occasion?

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