Party Themes

Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate a birthday, an accomplishment, a special occasion, or just to have fun!

To really elevate your event and make it more exciting for guests, choose from a selection of party theme ideas.

Having a themed party means that you can have fun with invitations, decorations, food, drinks, and even costumes. Here are some fun ideas for party themes, but be creative and feel free to use your own ideas as well.

Disney Theme

party themes

This is a fun theme for children's parties, and it gives them a great chance to dress up in various Disney costumes! You can tailor the event to a specific character (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck) or even a favorite movie (Peter Pan, Mulan).

Get character specific decorations and party bags, and try to serve foods the characters eat in the shows or movies!

party themes

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Casino Theme

party themes

For a fun night, especially for adults or teens, a casino themed party is perfect. Ask guests to dress up as if they were headed to a casino, and consider an award for the most creative outfit!

Consider setting up a few gambling tables, even if the prizes are tickets or candy. These tables are a great conversation piece, and a fun way to get guests talking and mingling.

Hollywood Theme

party themes

For teens, this can be a fun way to dress up like your favorite celebrities, and adults might like to tun it into a retro-hollywood glamour evening. Dress up like your favorite film stars from decades past, and have an elegant and sophisticated hollywood party.

Glamour Party

Dinosaur Theme

party themes

For dinosaur enthusiasts, why not create a whole party around your hobby? Decorate with dinosaur pictures, napkins, plates, banners, and tablecloths. Try a game of "pin the tail on the dinosaur" for a spin on an old favorite!

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Sports Theme

Sports Theme

Children, teens, and adults can all embrace this theme for an event. You can be specific and limit the theme to an individual sport, like football or baseball, or you can invite all guests to wear any kind of sports attire! Serve a theme cakes, or maybe drinks in gatorade cups!

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Carnival Theme

Carnival Theme

This idea is a fun way to incorporate plenty of games and activities into your party. Sets up booths just like in a typical carnival, and hands out tickets to guests to play games, win prizes, or get their faces painted. Serve cotton candy, bags of popcorn, and hot dogs for an authentic experience.

Carnival Theme Party

Luau Theme

Luau Theme

Great for a backyard or pool celebration, this works equally well as a winter escape! Decorate with tropical flowers and palm trees, and serve drinks with umbrellas, cherries, and pineapple slices. Ask guests to come wearing hula skirts and aloha-print shirts, and provide them with leis as they walk in the door.

Luau Birthday Party Ideas

Any of these party themes are a great way to spice up an event, get people involved, and show off your creative side!

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