Halloween Birthday Invitations

Having a birthday on Halloween is a real treat, and it can be a real sweet party event!

halloween birthday invitations
halloween birthday invitations

The trick is to find Halloween birthday invitations. Luckily, you can dig up some spooky birthday invitations online, or, if you have a bit of a mad scientist in you, create invites of your own! To grab the attention of your invitees, there are some guidelines you should follow. After all, you want your guests to know they are coming to a party, not a funeral.

halloween birthday invitations

The invites that will lure the best ghosts and goblins to your party should have the following characteristics:

A colorful, eye catching envelope

halloween birthday invitations

Black, orange, or neon green are all great colors and will entice the unsuspecting victim, er, I mean guest, to your ghoulish gala. If you really want to rattle their bones, use a Halloween themed postage stamp and print the envelopes with a creepy style font, like Blackadder or Baskerville Old Face.

An image on the front that suits your motley crew

halloween birthday invitations

If this is a children's party, you shouldn't put super scary images, gore, or a scantily clad she-vampires on the invite. Conversely, a cute teddy bear in a witch's costume would probably look too perky and sweet for an adult theme party.

Think about the age group and the type of people coming and what would appeal to them. Make it lighthearted, fun, a little spooky, but above all else, tasteful. You definitely don't want to offend anyone; you may appreciate coarse and lewd humor, but some of your friends might not. If you repel your guests with the invite, your party could be DOA.

Slay them with words

Edger Allen Poe once said, "I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."

In other words, don't bore people with desperate pleas like, "PLEASE, COME TO MY PARTY!!!" or the vague indifference of "Yeah, come…it will be fun." YAWN. Make your invite unique, fun, and interesting with a spooky poem or saying. "A black cauldron bubbling over, a witch's crackle in the air, Hallow's Eve beckons, so come to my house if you DARE." Okay, not sure Mr. Poe would be impressed with that one, but you get the idea.

Don't forget the guts

halloween birthday invitations

Make sure you include the specific date, time, address, and RSVP deadline and phone number. If it's an adult party, you may want to tell them to bring their own poison (BYOB). It's a good idea to specify "costume encouraged but optional"; not everyone enjoys dressing up and some people are scary enough as themselves. Remember Cousin Frank from Montana? Yeah, that wasn't a Sasquatch outfit; that was his REAL hair.

Like a moth to flame, fly to honey, and a zombie to brains, your fantastic Halloween birthday invitations are sure to attract hordes of party demons.

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