Sweet 16 Invitations

Sweet 16 Invitations

Every young lady looks forward to her sweet sixteen celebration party.

Sweet sixteen parties and the accessories can be from exclusive and exorbitant to casual and less expensive. The excitement can range from a line of tasks including selecting a cake, planning a menu, locating a venue for the special event, and sending out sweet sixteen invitations.

Invitations are a viable part of planning a Sweet Sixteen party. When selecting Sweet 16 invitations, a budget must be selected that will capably fund this once in a lifetime occasion.

Types of Sweet Sixteen Invitations

Invitations can be designed to match personalities, whether it is bubbly, laid back, sassy, or sophisticated, every girl wants her Sweet Sixteen party to be special and something that she will remember for the rest of her life. There are some important factors that must be considered before ordering the invitations.

  1. Theme : There are many sweet 16 themes that a girl can choose from when planning for this very important day. Party themes can be considered based on a favorite hobby, an extracurricular school activity, a television show, popular music or even a fairytale. A well thought out party theme will make a big difference on invitations and will give the invitees something to remember your party by for years to come.
  2. Color : Color is very special because they can depict personalities as well as set the mood for a party. The party color theme should be reflected on the invitations since this is the first glimpse that your guests will have of what your party will be like. sweet-16-invitation
    1. Warm colors : Red, orange, yellow, and a combination of these colors are warm colors, representing passion, energy, and are positive. They can set a happy mood or send messages of hope.
    2. Cool colors : These colors include blue, purple, and green. They represent the wealth, solidity, and a sense of renewal.
    3. Neutral colors : These colors are oftentimes used in the background and usually add sophistication to the layout. They include black, white, gray, brown, tan, and cream colors.
  3. sweet-16-invitation Cost : The cost of a sweet sixteen invitations depends on whether or not they are customized, store-bought, or DIY. The internet now provides easy ways to order your invitations and there are websites that provide the format and only the info and graphic art has to be uploaded to site that is to appear on the invitation. The work has already been done for you.
  4. sweet-16-invitation Design elements. The design element should always reflect your theme. Make sure the font and background colors complement one another. Select letters that are legible and that your guest will be able to easily read. Note that not all fonts are easy to read or to distinguish.

Aside from her wedding day, Sweet 16 parties are what a girl dreams about and awaits to happen. The Sweet 16 invitations should be sent out in a timely manner, usually four weeks in advance with a RSVP two weeks before the party. This is to insure that you will have a proper headcount and know how to plan for such things as food, space needed, etc. The response information can be by email, Facebook, telephone number, twitter, or by whatever means that is most convenient to the individual.