Sweet 16 Themes

Planning a party for a 16th birthday requires picking out sweet 16 themes.

The sweet 16 party themes are the key component to the type of party and should reflect the personality of the teenager. Numerous theme ideas are available and only a family budget and imagination limits the applications of the party theme.

Dance Party

Sweet 16 Themes Dance Party

The dance party theme for a sweet 16 party is a basic theme that focuses on music and dancing. The keys to this theme are the DJ, a stage with different types of stage lights, a large open space, and black lights for interesting effects and decorations that are similar to a disco or dance club. Parents should note that a dance party theme requires a party venue and might cost more than they prefer for the party.

Hip Hop Party

80s theme party

Club or Sport Based Party

Club or Sport Based Party

Any teen who is involved in a sport or club that holds his or her fascination might enjoy a sweet 16 party theme based on the club or sport. For example, a cheerleader might like a cheer based party theme that focuses on school sports and the cheer squad.

A member of the marching band might like a band-style party that focuses on music and instruments. This type of party theme is less expensive and allows an element of personalization by using scrapbooks of the teen's activities.

Beach Party

Sweet 16 Themes Beach Party

The beach theme is a great theme for any teen who loves the beach or who dreams of going to the beach. Start the party indoors with beach decorations like seashells, sand and beach towels. Provide some favors like flip-flops or sunscreen.

It is better to have the main meal and cake in a building to avoid getting sand in it and then go does to the beach for some fun in the sun. Set up beach volleyball or organize surfing lessons with just a few friends. Finish off the beach party with a late night beach bonfire.

Book or Movie Theme Party

Sweet 16 Movie Theme Party

Teens who are interested in a specific movie or book, such as Harry Potter or the Twilight series, would enjoy a theme based on the book or movie. The party can have games based on the book or movie, set up a movie viewing on a big screen or if a new movie is coming out might even arrange a private screening at the local movie theater. For a fun touch, have all of the guests dress up as characters from the book or movie.

A sweet 16 party can have any theme you and your teen prefer. The key is making the theme fun for everyone and fitting it into your budget. Sweet 16 themes are available that suit every teens personal taste and interests.

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