Sweet 16 Dresses

The 16th birthday is just around the corner and at this time parents and teens start looking at sweet 16 dresses.

Finding the perfect dress helps birthday girl stand out among her friends while looking as she prefers for her special day.

Sweet 16 Formal or Elegant Parties

sweet 16 formal dresses

For those elegant parties, such as a snazzy 1920s theme party, a masquerade party or a princess theme, a few key touches to the dress are a necessity.

  • Select a dress for the theme. The theme of the party makes a huge difference in the appropriate dress. For example, a 1920s theme requires something reminiscent of a flapper like fringe dress. The princess or masquerade theme, on the other hand, is more appropriate if the dress is a full-length ball gown.

  • Avoid short dresses for elegant party themes. Short dresses, like a cocktail dress, are better suited to a less formal party

Sweet 16 Cocktail Style Parties

sweet 16 dresses cocktail

Parties that follow a more cocktail party style that is more of a semi-formal setting rather than a formal setting allows the birthday girl more freedom in her dress selection.

  • Dresses around knee-length or slightly above the knees are appropriate for a cocktail party theme.

  • The birthday girl can try something a little bolder than other parties. Adding some bold colors to the dress or interesting cut styles, such as a hi-low styled dress or a ruffled mini-dress.

Sweet 16 Informal Party Dresses

Sweet 16 Informal Party Dresses

Sweet 16 parties that have a less formal theme, such as a beach theme, pool parties, house parties, sports or club themes or any other informal theme requires a very informal dress as well.

  • Any beach or pool themed party can wear beach cover-up dresses or dresses for beach-going.

  • Parties based on any theme that is informal but not specific to beaches, pools or similar swimwear can wear a simple sundress.

Other Tips for Selecting Sweet 16 Dresses

sweet 16 dresses hair
sweet 16 dresses makeup

Dresses require a few other considerations than just the dress.

  • Plan hair and makeup before the party. Regardless of the formality, hair and makeup are always included with the outfit.

  • Select colors based on the skin tone of the birthday girl. For example, a cool skin tone with contrast between hair and skin-tone looks best in winter colors like icy blue, white, holly red and green and royal blue.

    A cool skin tone with skin and hair that is similar looks best in summer colors like pale pink, light sea green, baby blue and slate gray. Warm skin tones that have a brighter color look best in spring colors like bright yellow, green, orange or red.

    A warm skin tone that has a more deep gold color looks best in autumn colors like beige, brown, camel, burnt orange and teal.

The birthday girl has a big decision to make when selecting between sweet 16 dresses. Fortunately, the theme of her party makes it easier to pick out the perfect dress.

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