Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

If a special child's birthday is right around the corner and you're at a loss about what type of cake to make, here are a few tasty and simple kids birthday cakes that are sure to bring a smile:

Piped Icing Decorations

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas With a little artistic talent and a small arsenal of squeezable icing applicators, it's easy to put together a terrific birthday cake using a simple sheet cake as a backdrop. For a cowboy birthday cake, scroll on a lasso and add cow spots and a cowboy hat, and for the Spidey fan try drawing a web on a field of red and blue. To make a frog birthday cake, pipe on green icing in fat blobs, then use red gel icing to make the tongue and finish with edible insects.

Shaped Cakes

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas Use a combination of rectangular and round baking pans to create shaped cakes, such as a train birthday cake or a butterfly birthday cake. Frost with colored icing and decorate with candies, sprinkles, or non-edible decorations.

Character Cakes

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas With the vast selection of edible and non-edible decorations available, even characters such as a mermaid birthday cake, Scooby Doo birthday cake, Dora birthday cake, or Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake can be easily tackled by the home baker. For inspiration, turn to the Internet, take a stroll through your local bakery, or flip through the pages of a birthday cake catalog at your local supermarket.

After sharing a homemade birthday cake with your child, it's not likely that you'll darken the door of a bakery the next time his birthday rolls around. Enjoy creating a confection masterpiece for the special child in your life!