Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids

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For most kids, sweeter is always better when it comes to birthday cake; for others, the cake's design is more important than its flavor. Regardless of your recipe - or your skill level - whipping up a fantastic birthday cake that's sure to delight your little one is easier than you may think. To help get the creative juices flowing, here are a few birthday cake ideas:


Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids Star Wars birthday cakes are ideal for Jedis in training, while a baseball birthday cake will be a hit for the budding slugger. For the adventuresome, try a dinosaur birthday cake, or search for buried treasure with a pirate birthday cake. To make each of these designs, all you need is a rectangular baking pan and a little creativity. For example, swipes of vibrant blue and red across a field of chocolate icing serves as a dramatic light saber duel, while a dotted icing trail can lead the way along a treasure map to an X topped with a Jolly Roger flag. Or, top your creation with edible or toy decorations, such as plastic dinosaurs, sports balls, or pennants.


Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids Little ladies of all ages are sure to enjoy princess birthday cakes, while the more discerning may prefer being presented with a Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty birthday cake. To begin, start with a sheet cake iced with pink frosting as a base and let your imagination be your guide.

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Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids For little ones not yet able to express their cake desires, a Blues Clues birthday cake, Finding Nemo birthday cake, or ladybug birthday cake is sure to induce a gigantic grin.