Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday Cake Designs

You don't need an arsenal of baking pans or expensive character cake pans to make one-of-a-kind confectionary masterpieces for your next birthday celebration.

Using these basic supplies, you can create countless cake designs:

Sheet cake pans

Birthday Cake Designs These are the most versatile of all baking supplies. Sprinkle with colored sugar to create fantastic beach cakes, top with green coconut and iced field lines to make a football cake, or decorate tombstone-style for an over-the-hill birthday celebration.

Round cake pans

Birthday Cake Designs Use round cake pans in graduated sizes to make fantastic tiered cakes for princess birthday parties or a volcano cake for your Hawaiian luau themed party.

Square cake pans

Birthday Cake Designs Top several square layers together to make cake buildings for superheroes to climb, or lay square layers atop a sheet cake to create a Lego cake.

Oven safe bowls

Birthday Cake Designs Bake cake batter in oven-safe bowls, then use the bowls to create 3D baseballs or soccer balls, or use as half-spheres for racecar, insect, or caterpillar bodies.

Mix and Match

Birthday Cake Designs With a dash of basic geometry and a sprinkling of imagination, you can mix and match cake pans to create your own custom birthday cake designs. Make a butterfly cake using half circle wings and a loaf pan body, or whip up a train cake by stacking square cakes atop a sheet cake and cutting to shape.

With so many edible and non-edible cake decorations to choose from, even novice home bakers can pull off impressive character cake designs. For inspiration, turn to the Internet or thumb through a cake catalog at your local bakery. Enjoy creating one-of-a-kind birthday cake designs for all of the special guests of honor in your life.