Incredible Uses for the Candy Bar

candy bar

The amazing candy bar is more than a sweet confection enjoyed by children, it's part of American culture.

It's the backbone of Halloween and brings joy to people of all ages. They are fund raisers and memories of sweet times shared with friends. They're movies and games and sticky fingers all wrapped up in a clever silver package. Here are some ideas on how you can use candy bars in your life.

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candy bar
  • Candy for the teacher - Forget about apples. When your kids want brownie points with the teacher, send them in with a candy bar.

  • Rewards - They're small and eating one never hurt anyone. Use them as an occasional reward for your kids when they do a job well.

  • Fund-raisers - Candy bars that sell for a buck a bar are incredibly popular and easy to move. Think of them the next time your kids little league team talks about doing a fund raiser.

  • Buy them at the movies - Sure, popcorn is delicious. But candy bars have that comfort factor that popcorn just doesn't offer.

  • Decorations - Move over, pinecones and holly. Candy bars can also be used for decorations. Put a few in a glass jar and leave it on the counter, or wrap some around a vase for the table.

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  • Place settings - Leave the little paper tags at the store the next time you are doing assigned seating for a gather. Put names on candy bars and leave them sitting on the plates when it's time to sit around the tables.

  • Candy Party Favors - Party favors and goody bags are all the rage now for children's birthday parties. Come to the party with a gift, leave with a good bag full of little toys that will soon be lost and hard candy that doubles as a choking hazard. Simplify your life and the party by handing out full size candy bars, instead. The kids will like the candy and their parents will like not having a bag filled with small toys.

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  • Thank you - Nothing says thank you like a big chocolate candy bar. Attach one to the thank you note the next time you want to let someone know how much they are really appreciated.

  • Gift decorations - Wrap a candy bar in the bow on the gift the next time you are heading out for a party. The recipient will be thrilled to get the candy and it will make your gift stand out from the crowd.

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candy bar
candy bar
  • Cake decorating - If you are looking to make a cake, but aren't sure how to top it, consider adding miniature candy bars. Nestled into the icing they will add detail while making the cake tastier. Be sure to refrigerate the finished product to prevent melting.

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candy bar
candy bar
  • Baking - Run your favorite candy bars through a blender and then add them to cupcakes, cookies or cakes. Sprinkle some crumbs in the icing for added flair.

Most important, enjoy candy bars just because it's fun. It's a comfort food, and with so many candy bars available in miniature sizes, there's no reason you can't indulge once in a while. So kick back, grab a candy bar and enjoy a little piece of heaven.

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