Birthday Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for a special birthday can be a daunting task - especially if you wait until the last minute to begin your quest.

Choosing a great birthday gift doesn't have to elevate your stress level or bust your budget. This year, simplify your birthday shopping with these unique ideas:

Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

gift fish

The best birthday gifts for men strike a balance between fun and practicality, with an added dash of sentimentality if the recipient is a special person in your life, such as your father, brother, or husband.

A new controller for the gaming enthusiast, a pair of mechanic's gloves for the garage tinkerer, or fishing line and lures for the weekend angler are certainly better gift ideas than another tie or pair of dress socks.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

For the sports fan, a subscription to a sports magazine or tickets to a home game are sure to be well-received, while a gift certificate for a bungee jump or white-water rafting expedition may be just what the adrenaline junkie had in mind.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

gift bn card
gift pink tools

With tens of thousands of gifts items available for women, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Streamline the selection process by using her interests and personal style as your guides. For literary enthusiasts, a bookstore gift card or the latest best seller is sure to please, while an avid gardener would be thrilled with an ergonomically designed garden tool.

When buying for a woman, remember to lead with your heart and select the gift with her in mind. As long as there's thought behind it, she's sure to be appreciative.

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Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

gift cookie
gift chocolate

You don't have to be crafty or artsy to make your own great birthday gifts. Whip up a batch of your signature cookies, or freeze cookie dough in ready-to-bake portions and present it in a handy reusable container with baking instructions.

Make a CD playlist of the recipient's favorite songs, along with tunes that remind you of special memories you've shared. Handmade gifts are a labor of love, and the recipient is sure to appreciate your effort and treasure the end result.

Funny Birthday Gifts

Funny Birthday Gifts

Funny birthday gifts are especially well-received for milestone birthdays. There are loads of "Over the Hill" novelty items from which to choose, or you can create your own gift basket with tubes of muscle ointment, incontinence products, and denture cream.

Last-minute Birthday Gifts

Even if you're a notorious procrastinator, you can still come up with a great present without relying on generic gift cards. Fill a jar with the recipient's favorite candy or mints, or put together a gift basket with boxes of candy and popcorn for a quiet movie night at home. Or, make a charitable contribution to the recipient's favorite cause and present the announcement in a fabulous card. With eleventh-hour birthday gifts, presentation is key-as long as your gift doesn't look haphazard or thrown together, no one will know you waited until the last minute.

With a little imagination and careful consideration of the recipient's preferences and lifestyle, your gift is sure to be a memorable one.

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Birthday Gifts for Dad

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Unique Birthday Gifts

Tell Us About Your Birthday Gift Ideas

Did you give a birthday gift that left people talking about it or do you have your own great birthday gift ideas? Tell us all about it!

How were you able to research and find this perfect gift? Where do you turn for birthday gift ideas? Did you make the gift yourself? How did you make it?

Most important, include a photo of your gift, so that we can rave about it too!

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