50th Birthday Invitation

If you're planning a 50th birthday party, give the guests a preview of the fun by announcing the event with a unique 50th birthday party invitation.

50th birthday invitation

While fill-in-the-blank invitations are fine for other birthdays, this milestone deserves an announcement with flair. Here are a few 50th birthday invitation designs that will help get your creative juices flowing:

Golden Invitations

50th birthday invitation

When it comes to 50th birthdays, gold is where it's at. Print invitations on gold paper, or embellish the cover with a layer of gold leaf foil. Complete the look by using a gold metallic fine-tipped marker to hand write the party details.

Humorous Invitations

For a 50th birthday invitation that's sure to bring a laugh, include a quote or saying that takes a lighthearted jab at aging. Consider the following humorous birthday sayings:

On your 50th birthday, count your blessings-not your candles,

You're a classic - you only get better with age!

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened.

Once you hit fifty, everything that doesn't hurt doesn't work.

Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.

Nostalgic Invitations

Nostalgic Invitations

If you're hosting a "Fabulous 50's" bash, what could be more fun than sending invitations adorned with photos of 50's heartthrobs or hot rods, or re-labeling vintage shop 45's with a decal listing the party details?

Mardi Gras Invitations

Mardi Gras Invitations

Write the party details on a paper mask, and embellish with vibrantly colored feathers and beads.

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Casino Party Invitations

Paint promotional CD's to look like poker chips, and then write the party details using a black permanent marker.

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Electronic Invitations

For an informal party, you can even send invitations via email. Do an Internet search for free online invitation websites, and then choose the template and theme that suits your celebration.

Regardless of the 50th birthday party invitations you choose, be sure to list all of the pertinent party details, including date, occasion, location, time, theme, and RSVP contact information. Enjoy planning this milestone celebration for the special 50-year-old in your life.

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