An Irish Themed 21st Birthday Party

by Marie Lauver(Memphis, TN, USA)

I had a friend that was turning 21 and it was right before St. Patrick's Day and they were also part Irish. Even though they're not that big into drinking, I figured it would be easy to shop for party favors and food dye. A friend and I headed over to a party store where they had green shot glasses four for a dollar, green napkins, green party hats, and of course green streamers to put up on the ceilings and doorways.

We held the party at a friend's house which had a mini bar which we stocked with green beer and other alcohol which we could also turn green with food dye. Another one of my friends made sure to go out and get all the necessary food items that were green - like spinach dip or guacamole - to serve with chips.

We really didn't focus on inviting people before hand, we just sent out email invitations a few days ahead. When people arrived at the party all they saw was green - green decorations, balloons, table clothes, bowls, plates, food, napkins, etc. They heard original Irish bands because it was also a St. Patty's birthday party.

We didn't have much in the way of party favors just some green noise makers and green little party hats.

The crowning glory of the party was a huge green bowl holding alcoholic punch which was from a recipe we found off the internet. Next to the punch bowl was a hand decorated cake by myself - I made it have three layers and gave it light green icing. On each layer I had managed to put down fake chocolate coins and even found a few leprechaun figures to put in and around the cake.
Needless to say, I don't recall the rest of the party but I do remember it was spectacular and I didn't have a single complaint unless it was hangover related.

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