Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday wishes can be offered in a wide variety of messages as seen either in birthday cards on inscribed on baked birthday cakes.

There are several proven types of wishes that have become extremely popular over the years.


Humorous Birthday Wishes

Funny birthday wishes can be expressed in the form of jokes, puns, riddles, humorous guessing games and questions, or even funny drawings on a birthday card or cake. They can range from the mildly funny to the bellyaching variety of extreme humor. For the birthday celebrant who enjoys comedy, this is the best type of wish to give him.

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Inspirational Birthday Wishes

These can be messages on the cake or the card itself that promise positive things are going to happen in the birthday person's life, or just an inspirational saying that gives the person great hope and positiveness of his future as his birthday passes. Usually, these are original but they can sometimes be more traditional as well.

Birthday Poems

These wishes are usually birthday poems that rhyme. They can express deep feelings of affection, love, joy, happiness, desire, or be a birthday poem that sets a relaxing mood such as one that describes a beautiful sunset or a relaxing setting at a warm beach. These are often quite short but highly emotional wishes.

Religious Birthday Wishes

Religious birthday wishes often have to do with the birthday recipient's specific religion and certain sayings that relate to his religion and beliefs are inscribed on the card or cake. They can be deeply moving and emotional and even haunting if they're taken out of some very powerful passage of the Bible, for example.

Famous Birthday Wish Quotes

These are common wishes on birthdays and these popular birthday wish quotes can come from celebrities, sports figures, actors, musicians, politicians, TV talk show hosts, and many motivational speakers. They can often combine great wisdom and insight with some gentle humor in their famous messages. And they all become highly memorable simply because a very famous person actually once stated the remark. They look great on a birthday card or inscribed onto a birthday cake as well.

Happy birthday wishes, no matter what their orientation of intent, can all be incredibly memorable and exciting to the birthday celebrant no matter where the birthday event is held, indoors or outdoors.

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Happy Birthday Wishes

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