Birthday Wishes

If you're looking for creative ways to send birthday wishes to family and friends, consider making a gift basket.

Whether your loved one is near or far, a basket of goodies that matches their unique personality, hobbies or lifestyle is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation.

Food Gift Basket

food gift basket

When choosing food and beverages for a gift basket, make sure you're aware of any food allergies the gift recipient may have. Cookies, cakes, nuts and fruit are common fillers, but cater to your friend's particular taste. For example, if they enjoy jerky, find a specialty store that sells snake, lamb and other unique flavors.

Golfers Gift Basket

Golfers Gift Basket

Start with a metal golf ball bucket, available at a golf pro shop. While you're there, search for unique golf balls, a practice putting cup, a score caddy, and fun snacks that incorporate golf into their packaging. Add a couple of bottles of their favorite beer and you're sure to brighten your favorite golfer's day.

Reader Gift Basket

Reader Gift Basket

Fill a woven basket with used books, a book light, a unique bookmark, a small package of truffles, a bottle of wine, and top it off with a book about friendship. Make sure to include a handwritten message to your friend on the inside cover of the friendship book.

Pampering Gift Basket

spa gift basket

It's a sad fact that most of us are stressed out and could use a little pampering, so these gift baskets are a perfect way to send your birthday wishes.

The ideal basket would include a spa gift certificate, but friends on a budget may need to resort to home spa treatments, such as mud masks, fruit facials, pedicure toe separators, nail polish and emery boards.

Make sure to include self-indulgent treats such as chocolate-flavored coffees or herbal teas and bakery-fresh cookies.

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Coffee Gift Basket

coffee gift basket

Coffee gift baskets are a great gift for people to give to an office of people, or for an individual who is a coffee collector. Most offices whether they be a doctors, teachers, or even a tire shop has a coffee machine going at all times, and when they do they may enjoy mixing it up with different flavors of coffee.

If you have someone who really enjoys tasting different coffees and roasts then this is another great option for them. Gourmet coffee gift baskets can also come with mugs and cups, so you aren't only giving them gourmet coffee roasts and beans, but other items as well.

Movie Time Gift Basket

Movie Time Gift Basket

Movie buffs love it when family and friends give them gift certificates to the theater, but try this creative presentation to give your gift some flair. Purchase a popcorn bucket from the theater when you buy the gift card.

Buy a roll of generic admission tickets at an office supply store and use the crumpled tickets as a basket filler. Include popular movie snacks such as Junior Mints and Dots. DVDs, movie trivia books and soundtrack CDs are a perfect way to send birthday wishes to a movie lover.

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