Online Birthday Cards

Online birthday cards are a convenient and thoughtful way to share birthday greetings with everyone in your email address book.

So before making an expensive trip to the gift shop to purchase birthday cards for the month, why not scour the Internet for free online birthday cards? In addition to saving time - and money - online birthday cards have many other benefits as well:


The best online birthday cards are fully customizable, including personalized greetings, verses, and closings. Some sites even offer the ability to upload personal images.

Pre- scheduled delivery

With online birthday cards, you can schedule the delivery days ahead of time. No more forgotten birthdays!

Eco- friendliness

Online birthday cards are an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional greeting cards, since there's no paper, ink, or burning of fossil fuels to create them.

Postage savings

In addition to saving money by not purchasing pricey gift shop cards, online birthday cards are kind to your budget by eliminating the need for postage.

Interactive designs

Unlike traditional birthday cards, online birthday cards are interactive. A majority of them feature animation, music, or panoramic scenery, and some even include video games.

While online birthday cards are a fun and easy way to stay in touch with family and friends, they also provide businesses and organizations with a great way to connect with current and potential customers. If you'd like to tap into this powerful marketing tool, consider working with an online card service to design customized cards with your logo and schedule delivery to all of your contacts.

With online birthday cards, it's a cinch to acknowledge everyone in your email address contact list. This year, resolve to do away with traditional cards and transform belated birthday greetings into eco-friendly e-messages.

Making Birthday Cards

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