Sesame Street Games

A successfully hosted Sesame Street Party, stocked with the most exciting party favors, treats and delicious cake can be improved with the simple existence and incorporation of Sesame Street party games.

While party games can transform a party from displays and treats meant to wow parents to a child friendly, memorable affair, selecting appropriate games for the variety of ages and preferences in attendance can be difficult and not always successful.

Choosing The Right Birthday Party Games and Activities

Picking a game that coincides with the age group and desires of children attending a Sesame Street party can be tricky for hosts looking to stick to a budget while insuring attendees have fun and enjoy their time.

There are several aspects of Sesame Street games that hosts should keep in mind when planning a get together and choosing successful activities for children. Hosts should keep in mind:

Attendee ages

What birthday games and activities are appropriate for the ages of children at a party?


Birthday party games featuring favorite characters featured on Sesame Street can be more appealing!

Attention Span

Considering ages can result in the realization that longer birthday games may not work.

Time Frame

How many party games are realistic?

Other Activities

Will planned games fit within a schedule of cake, ice cream, presents, etc.?

Affordability and Budgeting

Including a variety of Sesame Street games at a party can be a great way to help children get to know one another while including fun and excitement in a party aimed to celebrate a situation, birthday or event. All children attending can feel special while breaking the ice between parents attending with children as well.

Selecting games and activities that are fun while sticking to an attainable budget can be difficult for hosts who are already expending finances on cake, treats, goody bags and decor. But while party favors can add up quickly, savvy research and creativity can provoke an exciting day without breaking the bank. Some examples of creating affordable games highlighted by Sesame Street characters and themes are:


Printing coloring pages set out with crayons, paints or accessories are fun and easy


Using a photo editing program, game boards to traditional games are a snap

Think Simple

Pin the tail on Elmo or Cookie Monster bean bag tosses are fun for all kids

Taking ideas stemmed from traditional games and incorporating the themes and characters of Sesame Street can result in a pulled together party filled with games that children are familiar with and fully capable of enjoying with one another. Traditional birthday party games are tradition for a reason: they withstand time, offering fun and ease while incorporating lessons and learning.

Small children can use small and large motor skills while the work to toss bean bag cookies into the mouth of cookie monster, made from simple plywood and paint. Keeping activities simple can insure that children will not be confused and let them be creative in their own play.

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