Elmo Party Supplies

When you are planning your child's birthday party, you can't go wrong with an Elmo-theme.

Now that you have the theme picked out, you can gather your Elmo party supplies to help bring the celebration to life. Here are some items to purchase:

  • balloons
  • party favors and party favor bags
  • stickers
  • tablecloths
  • paper plates and cups
  • plastic forks
  • napkins
  • streamers
  • portable helium tank
  • party hats

Elmo Decorations

When you have the right supplies on hand, decorating the party room is a snap. Inflate red, white and aqua balloons with a portable helium tank. Tie some of the balloons to the backs of the chairs and let the other balloons float to the ceiling. Also, blow-up a few balloons the old fashioned way and scatter them on the floor of the party area.

Drape the party table with a white table cloth and sprinkle red and aqua confetti on top of it. To complete the look, hang some red and white streamers from the ceiling and post a couple of giant Elmo cutouts on the wall.

Really turn on the Elmo magic by setting the scene. Pick and choose suggestions to meet your time and budget constraints.

  • Elmo's House Elmo's World is delightfully simple and easy to imitate. Elmo-style windows, pictures, and doors can be created using a roll of white craft paper or poster board and some chunky crayons or markers. Hang them over your own fixtures.

  • Mr. Noodle! Purchase a roller shade and solicit an outgoing dad or grandpa to dress up and perform some Mr. Noodle shtick outside a window. Simply paste up a Mr. Noodle picture if you can't find any willing volunteers.

  • Dorothy If you're ready for a new pet, purchase a round glass bowl and a goldfish; just be sure to keep your Dorothy out of the reach of little hands. The faint of heart may prefer to skip the live fish and fill fishbowls with goldfish crackers.

Elmo Attire

Dress up the birthday host or outfit the entire party! Here are several suggestions for Elmo-themed clothes:

  • Hats Buy some cheap red children's baseball or ski hats and decorate them with big googly eyes and an orange felt nose. Instant Elmo face!

  • Red Shirts Inexpensive adult T-shirts make great children's smocks if you plan on doing arts and crafts at your party.

  • Stretchy Gloves and Socks Turn red winter gloves and socks into little Elmo hands and feet. Cut off the fingertips of the gloves for improved dexterity.

Elmo Cakes

If you are handy with a box of cake mix and a tube of red frosting, buy an Elmo cake pan and bake and decorate an Elmo cake for the party. You can also bake a few cupcakes, frost them with red and white icing and then display them on an Elmo-themed cupcake stand.

Elmo Favors

Give young party guests plenty of reasons to smile by filling their Elmo favors and goody bags with crayons, stickers, plastic rings, miniature toys, mini-bubbles, noisemakers, pencils and other popular party favors.

Children can't get enough of Elmo. This is why throwing a birthday party centered around this popular Sesame Street character is a smart thing to do. When your young party guests get a load of all the Elmo party supplies you used to decorate the room, they'll go wild.

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