My Best Birthday Gift

by Julia Spence
(Monongahela, PA)

Necklace Box

Necklace Box

I think one of my favorite birthday gifts (not my top favorite, but one of my favorites) was a gift my parents gave me when I turned 16. No, it wasn't my first car, or first dog--it was a simple gold necklace.

Now, this necklace wasn't just any necklace. It came in a beautiful colored box (see picture) that I was intrigued about from the moment I saw it among the gifts. When I finally ate my cake and could open the box, I couldn't wait. I opened it, and there was the tiniest, most delicate long gold chain I had ever seen. Dangling from the end was a perfect heart shaped miniature amethyst (see picture). This was not just any necklace with a heart shaped jewel. It was real gold, made from delicate tiny links, and the jewel itself was genuine. Not only that-it was my birthstone.

I'd gotten a great deal of "birthstone-related" items before: a friend gave me a picture frame with my purple birthstone and the phrases describing those born in that month, inside the frame; I even got an Amethyst doll wearing my birthstone as a necklace. I’d even gotten a big heart shaped amethyst necklace and ring set. The necklace was silver (fading already) and the jewels were big fake ones. But this topped it all. The jewel set at the end was just one, and very tiny; but it was real! It was genuine, and it sparkled so much. This was very, very special to me. It meant a lot more than a picture frame with a description, or a doll to look at on my shelf. This was a symbol of my birth that I could wear every day or any time I wanted to. This was a wearable gift, a symbol of my birthday, that I could use every day.

As Mom took it from the box and put it on me, I felt like a real lady. I was so thankful for the gift. I held it before I went to sleep. Those chains were so very delicate! Each linked to each other, just like my family, I thought. And the beautiful jewel--I had never seen amethysts sparkle like that. My mom had picked out the perfect gift for a 16 year old.

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