Ultimate Water Fun Birthday Gift

by James Chandler

This was the water gun

This was the water gun

To this day I still remember the ultimate birthday present I received as a young child. I was turning eight years old and one of my friends father owned the local Radio Shack. Well he came to my birthday party and brought with him the gift to surpass all gifts. I was amazed when I opened it and saw a battery operated Uzi water gun that would shoot a constant stream of water while making sound effects. This present was exactly what a boy my age would love to have.

One of the good things about this was my birthday was in the summer so I was able to start playing with my new gun immediately and played with it all the time. I was staying outdoors and having a heck of a time. I remember that a lot of my friends were jealous of me and wanted a water gun Uzi like I had. I would share with them from time to time, but when we had water gun fights, I used my Uzi and would win every time.

I wish that I still had that Uzi because I had so much fun with it as a kid I know that kids now days would also have a blast with it. It was one gift that could be appreciated for years to come. I am keeping my eyes open in hopes that someday I might see another gun similar to if not the same as the one I got that wonderful birthday. If I do find one you can bet that I will purchase it and make some other little kid’s birthday one he will never forget because I will give him the Uzi as a gift. I know they have super soakers now, but the Uzi was black and made the noise so it was that much more amazing to me then. I know that a boy now days would love the gun as much if not more than I did when I was eight years old. If he got it he would always remember the sheer joy he experienced when he opened the box and saw the most amazing water gun ever!

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