1st Birthday Poems

Poems to honor the occasion of a first birthday whether they are funny or poignant, self written or professionally done.

For those families who appreciate a touch of creativity, a first birthday poem may be the perfect touch that will serve as a long lasting reminder of the occasion. A poem can be framed and then hung on the wall and will look especially beautiful if included as part of a photo montage. It can also be used as part of the baby book and preserved for years. The tone of the poem should be decided by the family and be based on their overall personality and the reflected moments of the previous year.

Self Written First Birthday Poem

Write from the heart and do not worry about the actual words. Whatever you say to your baby is poetry when it is written out of love. Your baby will cherish the poem that you have written when he or she is older, whether they tell you that they do or not.

Professionally Written First Birthday Poems

There are many locations that will write a personalized poem for you, all you do is pay a fee and give them a little bit of information. The more descriptive that you are, the more personalized and special the finished poem will be for your baby.