18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Eighteen is one of the most significant milestone birthdays, marking the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

18th birthday gift ideas

If a special teen in your life is rounding the corner on this coming of age birthday, you'll want to celebrate the occasion with a memorable and meaningful gift. Here are a few 18th birthday gift ideas to commemorate this celebratory event.


18th birthday money tree gift ideas

Cash gifts rank high on teens' wish lists, and can be used as "fun money" or for future educational expenses. Money trees are a fun way to present cash as a gift, allowing the recipient to pull crisp, rolled bills from each branch.

For a non-cash money gift, consider purchasing a block of stocks from the teen's favorite tech, music, or clothing company or depositing funds into a CD, mutual fund, or savings bond.


18th birthday jewelry gift ideas

A meaningful gift for both guys and girls, jewelry can be engraved with a special birthday message. Consider purchasing a "grown up" watch or sophisticated earrings, such as diamond or pearl studs.

Electronic Gifts

18th birthday electronic gift ideas

Electronic gifts such as iPods (pre-loaded with favorite songs or a collection of audio books), cell phones, laptops, netbooks, and digital cameras are sure to be appreciated by the techie-teen.

18th birthday gift ideas
18th birthday gift ideas
18th birthday gift ideas

Memory Gifts

Create memories that will last a lifetime when you treat your teen to a special evening or weekend. Enjoy a grown-up gourmet dinner, take a hot-air balloon or helicopter ride, or attend a sporting event or concert together.

18th birthday presents should be fun, memorable, and preferably something that will help smooth the transition into adulthood. With so many 18th birthday presents to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect offering for the special teen in your life.

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