18th Birthday Ideas

If the special teen in your life is getting ready to "come of age", why not celebrate this rite of passage in style with an 18th birthday party bash?

18th birthday cake

Here are a few exciting party ideas that send your teen into adulthood with a bang:

Beach Party

18th birthday beach party

Recreate the beach indoors or out by draping tables with beach towels, setting up brightly colored sun umbrellas, and dangling beach balls from archways, decks, and eaves. Chill beverages in wading pools, serve snacks in sand buckets, and celebrate with a beach bash cookout or catered clambake.

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Spa Party

Spa Party

If your teen is into pampering, treat her and a handful of friends to a day spa excursion, or hire a traveling spa service to provide at-home manicures, pedicures, and facials.

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Screening Party

outdoor movie party

Rent a projector and outdoor screen, and host a viewing of your teen's favorite movies. Serve guests movie theater fare, such as hotdogs, popcorn, boxes of movie candy, and oversized sodas.

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Scavenger Hunt Party

Scavenger Hunt Party

Host a game of "Mall Scavenger Hunt" at your local mall, followed by pizza, party games, and cake at home. Some other ideas include treating the party-goers to a laser tag or paintball excursion, indoor rock-climbing adventure, or make-overs.

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Fear Factor Party

fear factor party

Host a viewing of favorite TiVo'd "Fear Factor" moments, then follow with your own "Fear Factor" style food and physical challenges.

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Plan a single-themed party, or use a combination of these 18th Birthday Ideas tailored to your teen's interests, hobbies, and tastes. Regardless of the celebration you choose, be sure to document the occasion with loads of pictures and video. Enjoy sharing this milestone birthday with the special teenager in your life!

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