Fake Magazine Covers

If you're looking for a unique birthday gift for someone special, why not have a personalized magazine cover designed with a photo of the guest of honor?

Fake magazine covers are a great way to experience the thrill of fame without being subjected to flashing camera bulbs or an invasion of privacy. After all, who doesn't want to try their hand at stardom? Whether you're celebrating a 1st birthday or a 100th, there's a magazine cover for every age and personality:

Children Fake Magazine Covers

fake sports kids magazine cover

Boys and girls would be thrilled to be featured on the cover of Boys Life or American Girl, and Discovery Kids or Dig are fitting editions for young scientists. The budding equestrian will be riding high with her picture on the cover of Young Rider, while the quarterback in the making will feel like a superstar scoring the winning touchdown on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Teens Fake Magazine Covers

Teens Fake Magazine Covers

Even the most difficult-to-please teen will have to admit that being featured on the cover of GamePro, Skateboarding, Seventeen, or Teen Vogue is pretty cool. For an extra-special gift, have a personalized magazine cover designed with your teen and his or her BFF.

Adults Fake Magazine Covers

fake sports illustrated

From anglers to zoologists, there's a magazine for every hobby, occupation, and stage of life. Who wouldn't want to be featured on the cover of Fortune or Sports Illustrated?

Over the Hill Fake Magazine Covers

fake aarp

Personalized magazine covers make great milestone birthday presents, and are especially fitting for over-the-hill celebrations. What "oldster" wouldn't get a laugh out of seeing their mug plastered across the cover of AARP or Golden Years?

Regardless of age or personality, there's a magazine to suit every taste. Look for websites that allow you to upload photos to templates for free, or utilize one of the many paid sites available. Enjoy presenting this gift to the superstar in your life - hopefully they'll remember the little people!

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