Dora Party Ideas

Create a Dora birthday party adventure for your child with these Dora the Explorer party ideas from Birthday in a Box! You'll find everything from Dora birthday invitations to Dora party decorations, games, favor ideas, and more, making it easy to plan your child's Dora the Explorer birthday party from start to finish!

Dora Birthday Invitations

Invite guests to your child's Dora the Explorer party with homemade invitations that look like maps or with personalized Dora Birthday Invitations from Birthday in a Box! Simply enter your party details, preview your Dora party invitations online, and order to have them delivered right to your door along with envelopes. Don't forget to get matching personalized Dora Thank You Notes, too!

Location & Dora Party Decorations

If it's a nice day, consider having your child's Dora party outside, either in your backyard or at a local park. If you plan to have your child's Dora birthday adventure indoors, give the party area a jungle feel with these Dora Party Decorations:

  • Use live or artificial houseplants to fill the party area with lush, green foliage. For a fun touch, mix in a few Inflatable Palm Trees, real or silk tropical flowers, and stuffed jungle animals.

  • Set your party table with Dora Tableware. You can use simple place settings with just plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery, or go all-out by adding Dora party blowers and Dora Personalized Placemats printed with guests' names that the kids can take home as fun party keepsakes.

  • Make a centerpiece for the party table using a Dora doll, a purple backpack, Diego and/or Boots dolls, a safari hat, and palm fronds. Alternatively, you can purchase a Dora the Explorer Centerpiece or even use a Dora Pinata, which can be used to entertain the children later in the party.

  • Label items in the room with both their Spanish and English names. You can use these labels as the basis for a Dora party activity, too. Simply say the Spanish names of a few objects and see who can identify the items you're referencing. If desired, award a small prize like stickers or candy to the first child to guess each object correctly.
  • Give your guests Safari Hats to wear during your child's Dora birthday party. You can hand the hats to guests as they arrive, or set one at each place setting on the party table.
  • Play episodes of Dora the Explorer on a TV in the main party area, but keep the volume low so it isn't disruptive.
  • Give your guests disposable cameras so they can take pictures of "wildlife" they find on their Dora birthday adventure.
  • Create balloon bouquets using clusters of Dora Mylar Balloons mixed with latex balloons in coordinating colors, or purchase all-Mylar Dora Balloon Bouquets. Secure the bouquets by attaching them to Dora toys or Balloon Weights.
  • Hang a Personalized Dora Birthday Banner over the party table or over the entrance to the main party area.

Dora Party Games & Activities

Dora's Backpack Adventure 

During this multi-station party game, your guests will go on an adventure while they collect Dora Favors. This is best played outdoors, but with some improvisation and imagination, the game can be played indoors, too.

Start off by giving each child a backpack to decorate with fabric markers. You can purchase Solid-Colored Drawstring Backpacks or Color-Your-Own Butterfly Backpacks from Birthday in a Box for this part of the activity. The backpacks make great Dora party favors on their own, and the kids will love decorating them. They'll be even more excited to get favors to put in their bags once they start their backpack adventure!

Once the kids have decorated their bags, the real fun will begin as you lead the children to stations where they can find hidden objects to place in their backpacks. (Alternatively, you can make maps for the kids to follow to move from station-to-station independently.) Here are some ideas for stops to include on your backpack adventure:

Station 1:

Give each child a pair of Toy Binoculars or a Toy Telescope, and see if they can spot birds in the sky or trees. Once all of the children have spotted birds, they can place their binoculars or telescopes in their backpacks.

Station 2:

Pass out Mini Magnifying Glasses or Bug Viewers and ask the children to spot bugs nearby. After the children have found at least one bug a piece, let them put the viewers in their backpacks.

Station 3:

At this station, children will have to find hidden treasure in "quicksand". In preparation, hide Gold Coins in either a sandbox or a large plastic container filled with sand. Then, ask the children to dig for treasure using small Buckets and Shovels. Let the kids put the treasure they find in their backpacks along with their buckets and shovels.

Station 4:

Oh no! Tell the children Swiper is nearby and has hidden candy inside a Pull-String Dora Pinata. Ask everyone to chant "Swiper, no Swiping!" while they each grab a string and pull! The children can place the candy that drops into their backpacks.

Station 5:

Time to make a wish! At this station, pass out little containers of Bubbles and tell the children to make a wish for the birthday child while they blow bubbles into the air. After everyone has made their wish out loud, they can place the bubbles in their backpacks.

Station 6:

Cake time! End the adventure back at the party table where the birthday cake will be magically waiting for your guests. You will need a helper ready with the cake for this to be timed correctly.

Kids Birthday Cakes

Dora Coloring Page Activity

Birthday in a Box offers free printable coloring pages appropriate for many party themes, including an Explorer Friends Coloring Page that your Dora party guests are sure to love! Before the party, print a copy for each guest. Then, while they-re still sitting at the party table, let the children decorate their Dora coloring pages with markers, crayons, colored pencils, Mini Stampers, Dora Stickers, or even glitter glue.

More Birthday Party Activities

More Dora Party Games & Activities

For additional Dora the Explorer birthday party games, crafts and activity ideas, check out Birthday in a Box's full Dora Party Ideas article.

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