Slumber Party Pranks

Laugher is the best medicine, especially when it's the result of a slumber party prank.

Slumber parties and sleepover pranks were just meant to go together, and adult gatherings are no exception. Remember, just because the guests have matured doesn't mean their sense of humor has, and while stealing underwear or passing out cans of shaken soda may have lost their raunchy appeal, most adults still appreciate a well-planned prank - especially when they're not on the receiving end of it. If you're planning a slumber party, here are a few slumber party activities sure to get the laughs rolling:

  1. Slumber Party Pranks The Classic Toga Trick: It's always funny when someone shows up to a party sporting a toga - especially when they're led to believe that everyone else will be, too. When inviting guests, select a prank victim and tell him to dress for the event by wearing a toga. (Be sure to give him a later start time so all of your other guests - and their cameras - can be on hand to witness his arrival.)
  2. Slumber Party Pranks Phone Sleepover Pranks: Caller ID has put the kibosh on making prank calls from recognized phone numbers, but with prepaid cellular phones, there's still hope for this foolproof form of fun. Pair the prepaid cell phone with a voice scrambler and you'll have 120 minutes of fun for less than $40. (Tip: To extend the fun and keep the charade rolling, place a few calls to yourself and pretend you're suffering through the humiliation.)
  3. Slumber Party Pranks Classic Gags: It's hard to top guffaws when they're gained at the expense of someone who has been subjected to a tasteless gag. Who hasn't sat on a whoopee cushion, drank from a bottle of beer that's been recapped and filled with lemon juice, or tried to blow out relighting candles? Have a healthy stash of gag items on hand so all your guests can join in the fun.

As long as they're harmless, slumber party pranks are all in good, clean fun. Just make sure there's an opportunity for retaliation!