80th Birthday Ideas

When a parent, grandparent, or family member rounds the corner of their 80th birthday, there's cause for celebration!

If you're looking for a special way to honor the octogenarian in your life, here are a few fun and memorable 80th birthday party ideas:

Patriotic Party

Especially meaningful to veterans, a patriotic themed party is a great way to pay tribute to the guest of honor's service to our country. Decorate with flags, war-time posters, and insignia from his or her branch of service. For after-dusk celebrations, send the guest of honor off in style with a fireworks display.

Roaring 20s Party

A Roaring 20s Party is a fun way to celebrate the guest of honor's birth decade. Invite guests to don garb from the era, and award prizes to the best-dressed flapper and gangster. Celebrate speakeasy style with period cocktails like Manhattans and gin fizzes, and treat your guests to chiffon pies, club sandwiches, and other 1920s fare.

Fabulous 50s Party

Chances are, the fifties were the guest of honor's decade to shine! Embrace the fun of their youth with a Fabulous 50s celebration, complete with balloon archways, soda shop and diner fare, ducktails and poodle skirts, and 50s music.

Memory Lane Luncheon

Honor the celebrant with a "This is Your Life" presentation, complete with a photo slideshow and tributary speeches. Decorate the tables with family photos, and present the guest of honor with a bouquet of 80 balloons or cut flowers.

Regardless of the theme you choose, be sure to keep the celebration upbeat and lighthearted, and be mindful of the guest of honor's interests and personality. Celebrate with one of these fun 80th birthday party ideas, or plan your own theme.

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