21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 21 is a milestone in every young person's life, and there's no better way to celebrate the occasion than with a memorable gift.

If you're at a loss when it comes to gift-giving, here are a few 21st birthday gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated:

Tech Gifts

21st birthday gift ideas

For the young adult with an affinity for high-tech gizmos, great 21st birthday gift ideas include trendy laptop cases, digital picture frames, GPS add-ons, phone app gift cards, headphones, and gift certificates for e-book downloads.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

21st birthday gift ideas

Gifts made from recycled, eco-friendly, and renewable materials are hot items among the 20-something crowd. Unique, sustainable 21st birthday gift ideas include bamboo iPhone cases, hemp totes and apparel, laptop cases made from recycled beverage cans, and recycled black wood jewelry.

Adventure Gifts

21st birthday gift ideas

Adrenaline-packed 21st birthday gift ideas aren't soon forgotten. If the guest of honor is an adventure junkie, why not arrange a sky diving, white water rafting, rock climbing, or racecar driving experience?

Educational Gifts

21st birthday gift ideas

Though they're ready for a break from the classroom, most 21-year-olds have the desire to learn new experiences and life skills. Give the young adult skills that will last a lifetime with educational birthday gift ideas, such as classes in basic auto repair and home improvement, clothing repair and sewing instruction, immersion foreign language study, snorkeling, dancing, or yoga.

Money Gifts

21st birthday gift ideas

If you ask a 21-year-old what he'd like for his birthday, chances are he'd say, Money. If you prefer not to give cash, consider purchasing gas, grocery, and department store gift cards instead.

21st birthday gifts don't have to be pricey or excessive to solicit a smile. Enjoy celebrating this special milestone birthday with the young adult in your life.

21st birthday gift ideas

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