Pole Dancing Parties

A pole dancing party is a great way to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday, retirement, stagette, or even a happy divorce party! This is also a super fun idea that you can plan for your monthly girls night out.

Because the party is usually facilitated by a professional party presenter in a structured format, there's very little additional planning that you need to do, making this the perfect choice for the busy hostess. If you need help finding a pole dancing studio or a pole party company near you, try this searchable, worldwide pole dancing directory.

pole dancing parties

Pole Dance Party Invitations

Check with the pole dancing studio or instructor that you hire for your party, as sometimes they will have pre-printed theme invitations available for you to use. If not, make simple invitations out of cardstock, but glitz them up with bits of feathers and sequins.

Another idea is to make several copies of a photo or drawing of a fun pole dancing pose for your invitations, but glue a headshot of each guest onto their invitation. Since it's an audience participation party, this will give them the idea that they definitely won't be sitting on the sidelines!

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Pole Party Decorations and Supplies

The great thing about a pole party is that the dance pole and the guests themselves will be the center of attraction, so you don't need to do a lot of extra decorating if you're strapped for time or if your budget is tight.

If you would like to sass things up a bit, a few feather boas draped over the back of couches or chairs, or placed on the mantle, can add that subtle touch of fun. For a more high tech party, you can rent coloured lights, a disco ball, or even a smoke machine to create a club atmosphere. These are often available for rent from local DJs or party rental companies.

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Pole Dance Parties - Food Ideas

Light finger foods are usually most appropriate for your pole party. With all the physical activity, your guests probably won't feel like eating until after the actual pole dancing is finished.

Having a few platters of fresh fruits, veggies and dip, and of course a selection of decadent desserts usually fits the bill.

And be sure to have plenty of bottled water or other non-alcoholic drinks on hand, as your guests are sure to get thirsty doing all that dancing!

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Pole Dance Party Games

pole dancing parties

The great thing about a pole party is that the pole dancing is the game! You don't need to plan any extra activities or worry about buying game supplies or doing any other preparations.

The party presenter should have the entire evening planned and will facilitate the smooth flow of events. If you want to throw a great party without a lot of stress, a pole party may be perfect for you!

For more info about what happens at a pole dancing party, what questions you should ask before you book your party, and even a list of reasons to throw a pole dancing party (like you even need one!), check out this great resource I found on pole dancing parties.

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