How to Make Balloon Animals

Are you fascinated by balloon animals, but too intimidated to try making them yourself? Do you suffer from globophobia, a fear of balloons? Relax. Regardless of your lack of skill or deflated confidence, these simple tips will have you twisting like an expert in no time.

Balloon Animal Supplies

clown making balloon animal

All balloons are not created equal. To make balloon animals, you'll need balloons designed specifically for twisting, such as 160's, 260's, or 360's. Keep in mind that balloons are sized according to diameter and length, so a 260 will be 2” in diameter and 60” long. For small hands, 160's are the best choice.

Also, it's a great idea to have a pump on hand for inflating balloons. Not only are pump-filled balloons less likely to spread germs than those inflated by mouth, a pump will also squelch the fear of having a balloon pop in your face while you're blowing it up.

How to Make Balloon Animals Method

caterpillar balloon animal

For novice twisters, it's best to start with single balloon designs, such as a sword, helmet, or basic four-legged animal. Later, as your confidence inflates, you can move on to more complex designs like flowers, animals perched in trees, animals and hearts, or even an octopus.

There are many websites, books, and videos that share step-by-step instructions for creating balloon sculptures. With patience and practice, you'll be creating crowd-pleasing designs in no time!

Performance and Making Balloon Animals

balloon animals

Whether you'll be making balloon animals as party decorations before the guests arrive, incorporating balloon twisting and storytelling as entertainment, or leading children in a balloon twisting demonstration, you'll want to have your technique perfected well in advance.

If you'll be incorporating twisting into a children's activity, print out step-by-step instructions on poster-sized paper and make corresponding balloons for each step. (Remember, small balloons can present a choking hazard for small children, so be sure balloon twisting is appropriate for the age group.)

With a little practice, you'll be creating balloon animals and sculptures in no time.

Happy twisting!

balloon animals

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Making Balloon Animals

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