Ice Cream Sundae Centerpiece

by Kathy
(North Carolina)

Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

This really is an easy centerpiece to make and can be designed in any color combination of your choosing.

To make this you will need:

an oversized martini or party glass (available at any craft store)
a round piece of Styrofoam that will fit in the glass
assorted flowers (any color combination)
glass stones or river stones(any color combination)
faux cherries (or faux mini red grapes if you can't find cherries)
faux spray greenery (just one or two sprigs)
two straws

To assemble: arrange the flowers in the Styrofoam (in the shape of scooped ice cream); put one or two sprigs of faux spray greenery towards back of arrangement (to give height to arrangement); place the faux cherries/mini grapes on arrangement (you may need to tie the faux fruit with invisible thread to a pick so you can insert in Styrofoam base); place the Styrofoam base in the oversized party glass; secure the Styrofoam base in the glass by pouring glass/river stones around the outer edges of the glass (or use a glue gun if you want to secure it permanently) .

You're done and it looks good enough to eat! I used white and orange flowers in my arrangement because I wanted to match my kitchen, but try white and pink faux carnations for a vanilla and strawberry sundae. This arrangement is really quite versatile. Put your own spin on it and have fun!

Although I created this centerpiece as an everyday centerpiece for my kitchen, it would make a great centerpiece for an "ice cream bar" themed party. Put round ice cream canisters in ice filled buckets; fill small bowls with assorted sprinkles, chopped candy, cherries; put out a couple of cans of whipped cream and have a party both young and old will enjoy!

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