The Most Important Supplies for a Mexican Fiesta

by Rick
(Los Angeles, CA)

Birthday Party Pinata

Birthday Party Pinata

Coming from a Mexican family, parties are extremely important to us. Whenever we gather around, we all really enjoy ourselves. Kids birthday parties tend to be the most enjoyable. This is because of a little secret called a pinata. Pinatas are vital to any birthday party especially if it's for children, Of course, if you are feeling especially festive, you can have a pinata at whatever social event you want.

Pinatas are great fun and can really bring the family together. Pinatas are simple mache and cardboard put together. They usually come in the form of a popular cartoon character though more traditional pinata forms are available. You put lots of candy inside the pinata. It is very important to keep a nice variety of sweets that appeal to everyone's tastes. After that, you tie a rope around it and suspend it above the ground. The children then take turns hitting the pinata in hopes of breaking it. Normally, the smallest child goes first and then the next smallest child and so on. Safety is really important. Kids hit the pinata with a wooden stick so it is necessary to keep everyone at least 15 feet away from the child. To minimize the risk of injury, it is important to limit the amount of swings each kid has especially the big ones.

My best birthday memory comes from the day I was finally able to break the pinata when it was my turn. Everyone cheered me on. It was such a special occasion, it has lingered in my memory for all this time. It was my tenth birthday and probably my favorite birthday. I stuffed myself with a lot of candy that day. If I recall correctly, it was a spiderman pinata: my favorite character.

All in all, pinatas are great fun and make for excellent birthday party supplies. Pinatas highlight what every birthday party means. That is to say, they illustrate the joy of turning a year older and the elation every kid feels during his or her birthday party. They are also very cathartic as I recall my tenth birthday party.

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